For Providers

Good for Patients, Good for Providers

PegAssist can help patients recovering from a wide variety of injuries and illnesses in a wide variety of environments. This creates benefits not only for patients but for health care workers as well.

For Hospitals

The PegAssist can be a tremendous asset to the hospital environment while patients are recovering. With so many hospitals being short-staffed, the PegAssist eases the burden on health care workers by allowing patients to maintain more independence. The best thing about the PegAssist is it holds dishes in place while eating, allowing patients to eat on their own without worrying about dishes sliding around.

For Nursing Homes

The PegAssist can help with everyday challenges for the aging population, making it the perfect addition to nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Patients who struggle with tremors no longer have to worry about needing assistance while they eat or play games. And nursing staff no longer have to worry about their residents’ dishes slipping and sliding around. The PegAssist board locks items securely in place.

For Long Term Memory Care

The PegAssist does more than just hold everyday items in place. It can also give patients a mental workout. Patients can be instructed to move different colored pegs to specific holes in the board. This helps patients exercise comprehension as they follow directions. The PegAssist can also put patients’ memories to the test as they try to remember multiple directions for multiple pegs.

For Home Use

The PegAssist is perfect for patients who are living at home while they age or recover from different injuries. With the PegAssist, patients can eat, play games, and more with ease. It’s a single solution that allows patients to maintain more independence and freedom while also making them feel good about themselves. The board also allows users to put their fine motor dexterity to the test by moving the pegs around.

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