How We Got Here

Our founder, Ryan, created the PegAssist to help him with his own recovery after he was in an accident that left him in a coma for three months. The PegAssist allowed him to eat without worrying about tremors, strengthened his fine motor skills, and exercised his cognitive abilities. PegAssist can do all this and more for you too!

How It Works

The PegAssist is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is form a perimeter of pegs around the objects you want to stay in place. With the large number of peg holes, the perimeter can take on any shape you need. The pegs will prevent objects from moving around even in the midst of tremors. Because PegAssist is designed to hold a full-size plate, bowl, and cup at the same time, you can focus on eating without worrying about spills.

The PegAssist does more than hold objects for you. It can also help put your cognitive abilities to the test. Let someone instruct you on moving different colored pegs to specific places on the board. You can increase the difficulty of the task by receiving directions for multiple pegs at one time, challenging your memory, comprehension, and ability to follow directions.

Moving the pegs is also a great test of fine motor skills. You can even turn the PegAssist so the length of the board is traveling away from you to practice your reach. There are endless possibilities for how this item can benefit you on your journey toward recovery!

It All Started with an Idea

The PegAssist can help with everyday challenges for the aging population, making it the perfect addition to nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Patients who struggle with tremors no longer have to worry about needing assistance while they eat or a

Ryan invented the PegAssist based on his own experience to help him on his path to recovery. He had such great success with the item that he wanted others to experience the benefits.

The PegAssist helps patients in three key ways:

  1. Holds objects like dishes and playing cards in place
  2. Sharpens cognitive abilities by putting comprehension and direction-following abilities to the test
  3. Improves fine motor skills by allowing patients to move pegs throughout the board

games. And nursing staff no longer have to worry about their residents’ dishes slipping and sliding around. The PegAssist board locks items securely in place.

Our Vision

Our goal is to see patients living more independent lives as they recover. When everyday tasks like eating are easier, you’ll see yourself and your journey to recovery in a whole new light. PegAssist helps you feel less like a patient and more like yourself.

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